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Avida Settings Batangas is  Located at Brgy. Poblacion, San Pascual, Batangas

The strategic location of Avida Settings Batangas is something worth mentioning. It is close to all the facilities that one would wish for including malls, schools, restaurants, and hospitals, but secluded enough to give you the privacy and secrecy of a reserve home. As pointed out, access to this property is not an issue because from the Bauan-Batangas Provincial Road; there are two entries, the main entry and the secondary entry. If you are coming from the STAR Tollway, you can use Diversion Road and connect to the city of Batangas. From here, the property is just 5 kilometers away.

Apart from the road access, Avida Settings Batangas is strategically located for a number of reasons. The following facilities around this location would certainly attract any investor who wants a portion of this development.

Malls & Shops

San Pascual Market – This is a public market from which you can get basic food necessities. Other than that, you can get tricycles and jeepneys right from here to take you to nearby Barangays. This market is just 0.43 kilometers from Avida Settings Batangas and it can be accessed through the Bauan-Batangas City Provincial Road.

Hermies Poultry Supply – This facility can be accessed through the Palico-Balayan-Batangas Road. It is just 0.69 kilometers from the development.

Citimart Bauan – Located along Bauan-Batangas Provincial Road, Citimart Bauan is one of the outlets that make up the Citimart group of companies which boasts of over 28 years in retail leadership in Batangas. It was opened on December 12, 2008. From the development to this facility, it is approximately 1.57 kilometers.

7Eleven – This is a convenience store on Rizal Avenue in Batangas City. It is an American brand which has received prominence from around the globe. Some of the products you expect to get here include Big Bite, Big Gulp, Slurpee, and other proprietary products.


San Pascual National High School – This is an urban public school managed by the Department of Education and it is located just 200 meters from Avida Settings Batangas.

Bauan Central Elementary School – This is one of the top schools in Bauan and is focused on giving quality education to children at the elementary level. It is 1.65 kilometer from the development.
Santa Teresa College – This education institution was started in 1940 and stands as one of the oldest catholic schools here. Among the facilities at the school are two floor building which serves as the grade school department, four buildings which accommodate the high school department, a four-story building that serves as the college department, two gymnasiums, a functional hall and a canteen.

Others include Bauan High School and St. Theresa College which are 1.73 kilometers and 1.88 kilometers away from Avida Settings Batangas respectively.


Landos Eatery - This is one of the most preferred fast food joints in Batangas. Their foods are delicious yet inexpensive and the space is massive to accommodate sit ins. It is 1.01 kilometer from the development.

Wanam Food Palace – This is an offshoot of a food palace that can be traced back to 1949. Today, Wanam Food Palace ranks as one of the most respected and reputable restaurants offering catering services within the city. From Avida Settings Batangas, it is just 1.81 kilometers.


The hospital facilities around Avida Settings Batangas are some of the most dependable in the area and they include Pambatang Klinik, Dalawampu Pharmacy, and Bauan General Hospital. The latter started way back in 1898 and has developed to offer some of the best medical services here. It offers universal healthcare which means every Filipino is allowed access to the best quality of healthcare possible. 

Malls :

  • San Pascual Market - 0.43 km
  • Hermies Poultry Supply - 0.69 km
  • Citimart Bauan - 1.57 km
  • 7Eleven - 1.68 km
  • Bauan Public Market - 1.73 km

Schools :

  • San Pascual National High School - 0.20 km
  • Bauan Central elementary school - 1.65 km
  • Bauan high school - 1.73 km
  • Santa Teresa College - 1.81 km
  • St.Theresa college - 1.88 km

Restaurants :

  • Landos Eatery - 1.01 km
  • Wanam Food Place - 1.81 km

Hospitals :

  • Pambatang Klinik - 0.36 km
  • Bauan Gen.Hospital - 1.65 km
  • Dalawampu Pharmacy - 1.68 km
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