Avida Settings Batangas

San Pascual, Batangas House and Lot

Avida Settings Batangas

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy. Poblacion, San Pascual, Batangas
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 53 sqm. to 88 sqm
Price Range: Php 2.3 M to Php 5.5 M


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Avida Settings Batangas By Avida Land

Introducing Avida Settings Batangas, another prestigious house-and-lot project of Avida, Ayala Land Corp. in San Pascual, Batangas City! Featuring three modern and contemporary house designs (Celena, Maia & Thea), each house is artfully planned and masterfully built to fulfill your family’s needs - Celena (Floor area: 53 sqm, lot area: 120 sqm), Maia (Floor area: 69 sqm, lot area: 142 sqm), and Thea (Floor area: 88 sqm, lot area: 156 sqm).

Managed and maintained by Ayala Property Management Corp., the same company that takes care of other Avida’s property, Avida Settings Batangas is equipped with all the basic amenities where you can enjoy wonderful time with your family and friends: Multi-purpose clubhouse, swimming pool for adult and for children, basketball court, landscaped entrance gate with security posts, perimeter fence, landscaped parks and children’s play area. While you enjoy chatting with your neighbors and friends in the park, you can let your kids wander safely and have fun with other kids in the open spaces and mini parks.

Avida Settings Batangas is located at Barangay Poblacion, San Pascual, Batangas. It is accessible via the STAR Tollway through Bauan-Batangas Road and is only about 5 km from the Provincial Capital of Batangas City. It provides its residents with a sense of seclusion in the beautiful landscape of San Pascual, while keeping them within reach to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, recreational centers, malls, and other commercial establishments.

It is near schools and educational institutions such as Immaculate Heart of Mary Learning Center (IHMLC), Christ The Lord Institute Christian School, Good Shepherd Christian Academy of Batangas, San Pascual National High School, Batangas City Library, St. Bridget’s College, University of Batangas, and Batangas State University. Hospitals including Batangas Regional Hospital, Bauan General Hospital, and United Doctors of St. Camillus De Lellis Hospital are all within reach. It is also within minutes to several places of worship, such as New Hope Baptist Church, San Pascual Baylon Parish, Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Jesus The Anointed One Church, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For sports and entertainment, Avida Settings Batangas is in close proximity to Chevron Batangas Terminal Golf Course, San Pascual Golf Club, Batangas Provincial Sports Complex, and Sta Rita Sports Ville Cockpit Arena. It is also within easy reach to various commercial establishments, such as Jollibee, Riggs Café Bar & Restaurant, A&M Restaurant, Delica’s Garden Grill & Business Center, San Pascual Public Market, Citimart, and many more!

Avida Settings Batangas – Enjoying Modernity in an Exclusive Setting

Avida Settings Batangas is one of the prestigious housing projects ever put up by Ayala Land Corp. It is situated in Batangas City in the Municipality of San Pascual. Batangas City is categorized as a component city and serves the capital city of Batangas Province. Currently, Batangas is ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in Philippines in terms of urbanization and as at 2015 census, the city’s population stood at 329,874 people which points to the rapid expansion and movement of people.

By the mere fact that Avida Settings Batangas is located in this city, it can be said without a doubt that it will benefit immensely from the finance, trade, education, and exceptional health services that define the economy here. Batangas City boasts of one of the largest oil refineries in Philippines known as Pilipinas Shell as well as three natural gas plants: First Gas, Keilco, and Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant. In addition, there are lots of other industries located here.

Drawing closer to the development and looking at the Municipality of San Pascual, the population here is over 65,000 people. The municipality itself is divided into 29 Barangays and the total land area is 50.70 square kilometers.

The management of the development is handled exclusively by Ayala Property Management Corp. which is an experienced real estate development company with a portfolio of other developments it is managing. The amenities that you will enjoy here are many and varied which gives you and your family a wonderful time together. There are swimming pools both for children and adults, basketball court, an expansive multipurpose clubhouse, tight security, children playgrounds, and landscaped parks.

Accessing Avida Settings Batangas is easier. You can access it through the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road which is also referred to as the STAR Tollway or alternatively Calabarzon Expressway. This is a 42 kilometer 2 to 4 lane expressway managed by the STAR Infrastructure Development Corporation. From the STAR Tollway, you will join the Bauan-Batangas Road and the development is approximately 5 kilometers from Batangas City.

The San Pascual landscape is beautiful and Avida Settings Batangas gives you the seclusion you require to enjoy the surrounding beauty and serenity while at the same time keeping you within reach of all the necessary facilities such as healthcare, recreation joints, malls, education institutions, as well as commercial establishments.

The Model Houses

There are three model houses: Celena, Maia, and Thea.

Celena Model Home – This has 53 square meters in floor area and a lot area of 120 square meters. It has a porch both in front and at the back, a spacious car park, strategically positioned and spacious dining area, living area, and kitchen, as well as toilet and bath. There are two bedrooms one normal and the other master bedroom with a flexi area.

Maia Model Home – This has a floor area of 69 square meters and a lot area of 142 square meters. In addition, it has 3 porches, car park, a living area, a dining area, and a kitchen. There is also toilet and bath adjacent to the kitchen. In terms of bedrooms, it has one master bedroom and other two bedrooms with toilet and bath.

Thea – This is the last model home and has 88 square meters in floor area and a lot area of 156 square meters. It has two porches, a spacious dining and living area adjacent to each other and a kitchen that directly faces the dining area and opposite the toilet and bath. There is a car parking lot on the side of the kitchen and dining area. Thea Model has three bedrooms comprising two ordinary bedrooms and a master bedroom. In addition, there is toilet and bath facility.

The construction was completed in December 2015 and currently the houses are ready for occupancy.

From the main entry along Bauan-Batangas Road, the units are divided into blocks from Block 1 to 11. As you enter the gate, there is a wide road that divides the blocks into two sides. On the left is block 1 to 7 while on the right is Block 8 to 11. Each of the blocks is served by a wide path that branches off from the main road. Taking the main road all the way straight to the far end after Block 7 and 11, you will see another expansive area reserved for future development and a play area which is close to the basketball court and an amenity clubhouse. There is a park for people to relax at the very end.

There is also a secondary entry from the same Bauan-Batangas Road which gives you immediate access to Block 11 and 10. The price range is manageable bearing in mind that it can be paid in installments. The range is between 2.8 and 5.7 million Pesos.

Avida Land Avida Settings Batangas in Batangas, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Avida Settings Batangas, then check here first. We have full details of Avida Settings Batangas updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Avida Settings Batangas - Location & Vicinity

Avida Settings Batangas is  Located at Brgy. Poblacion, San Pascual, Batangas

The strategic location of Avida Settings Batangas is something worth mentioning. It is close to all the facilities that one would wish for including malls, schools, restaurants, and hospitals, but secluded enough to give you the privacy and secrecy of a reserve home. As pointed out, access to this property is not an issue because from the Bauan-Batangas Provincial Road; there are two entries, the main entry and the secondary entry. If you are coming from the STAR Tollway, you can use Diversion Road and connect to the city of Batangas. From here, the property is just 5 kilometers away.

Apart from the road access, Avida Settings Batangas is strategically located for a number of reasons. The following facilities around this location would certainly attract any investor who wants a portion of this development.

Malls & Shops

San Pascual Market – This is a public market from which you can get basic food necessities. Other than that, you can get tricycles and jeepneys right from here to take you to nearby Barangays. This market is just 0.43 kilometers from Avida Settings Batangas and it can be accessed through the Bauan-Batangas City Provincial Road.

Hermies Poultry Supply – This facility can be accessed through the Palico-Balayan-Batangas Road. It is just 0.69 kilometers from the development.

Citimart Bauan – Located along Bauan-Batangas Provincial Road, Citimart Bauan is one of the outlets that make up the Citimart group of companies which boasts of over 28 years in retail leadership in Batangas. It was opened on December 12, 2008. From the development to this facility, it is approximately 1.57 kilometers.

7Eleven – This is a convenience store on Rizal Avenue in Batangas City. It is an American brand which has received prominence from around the globe. Some of the products you expect to get here include Big Bite, Big Gulp, Slurpee, and other proprietary products.


San Pascual National High School – This is an urban public school managed by the Department of Education and it is located just 200 meters from Avida Settings Batangas.

Bauan Central Elementary School – This is one of the top schools in Bauan and is focused on giving quality education to children at the elementary level. It is 1.65 kilometer from the development.
Santa Teresa College – This education institution was started in 1940 and stands as one of the oldest catholic schools here. Among the facilities at the school are two floor building which serves as the grade school department, four buildings which accommodate the high school department, a four-story building that serves as the college department, two gymnasiums, a functional hall and a canteen.

Others include Bauan High School and St. Theresa College which are 1.73 kilometers and 1.88 kilometers away from Avida Settings Batangas respectively.


Landos Eatery - This is one of the most preferred fast food joints in Batangas. Their foods are delicious yet inexpensive and the space is massive to accommodate sit ins. It is 1.01 kilometer from the development.

Wanam Food Palace – This is an offshoot of a food palace that can be traced back to 1949. Today, Wanam Food Palace ranks as one of the most respected and reputable restaurants offering catering services within the city. From Avida Settings Batangas, it is just 1.81 kilometers.


The hospital facilities around Avida Settings Batangas are some of the most dependable in the area and they include Pambatang Klinik, Dalawampu Pharmacy, and Bauan General Hospital. The latter started way back in 1898 and has developed to offer some of the best medical services here. It offers universal healthcare which means every Filipino is allowed access to the best quality of healthcare possible. 

Malls :

  • San Pascual Market - 0.43 km
  • Hermies Poultry Supply - 0.69 km
  • Citimart Bauan - 1.57 km
  • 7Eleven - 1.68 km
  • Bauan Public Market - 1.73 km

Schools :

  • San Pascual National High School - 0.20 km
  • Bauan Central elementary school - 1.65 km
  • Bauan high school - 1.73 km
  • Santa Teresa College - 1.81 km
  • St.Theresa college - 1.88 km

Restaurants :

  • Landos Eatery - 1.01 km
  • Wanam Food Place - 1.81 km

Hospitals :

  • Pambatang Klinik - 0.36 km
  • Bauan Gen.Hospital - 1.65 km
  • Dalawampu Pharmacy - 1.68 km
Avida Settings Batangas Location

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Avida Setting Batangas-Community

Avida Setting Batangas-Community





Avida Settings Batangas - Features & Amenities

The true definition of class and luxury is when you step into this community. All the 236 units currently standing are surrounded by a spectacularly designed landscape with lots of amenities to serve the community. The following are just a few of the amenities and facilities you will enjoy here. 

Multipurpose Hall

Avida Settings Batangas is not just a place you will stay without anything else to offer. If this was the case, it wouldn’t be any different from the other residentials. However, the multipurpose hall changes a lot in terms of living here. Lots of activities go on in this hall and to a larger extent shapes the talent and glues together the community. If you have a function or any event you want to celebrate with a section of the community or your family and friends, this hall can accommodate such.

Swimming Pool

There are two swimming pools on the far end of the development after the blocks of housing units. The pools are one for adults and the other for children. This is great because while you are swimming on the other hand, your family is also having fun on the other side. Since the targeted investors are young families, having a pool specifically for kids is an excellent idea.

Basketball Court

You don’t have to be a champion to play here. After all, this is a community that nurtures talent and yours too may be on its way to the top. The court is wonderfully done with all the professional specifications included. You don’t have to go out for you to train, you can do it right here.

Perimeter Fence and 24/7 Security

Security is always a priority in any settlement. At Avida Settings Batangas, Ayala Land did not let down the residents. They installed a perimeter fence which encloses the community giving a sense of family and exclusive dwelling. In addition, there are security posts operational on a 24/7 basis. Everyone coming in and going out is monitored meaning you can stay with your family here without worrying about security issues.

Landscaped Parks and Play Areas

Children have expansive play areas near the parks. These areas are professionally landscaped and bring out the appeal of nature. They are also well taken care of by the grounds men giving you quality spaces to walk around, meditate, and have fun with your family.

  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Landscaped Parks & Play Areas
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
  • 24-hour Security Posts
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Ayala Property Management Corp.

Avida Settings Batangas - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Celena ₱ 3,621,000 FA: 53 sqm / LA: 120 sqm
Maia ₱ 4,656,000 FA: 69 sqm/ LA: 142 sqm
Thea ₱ 5,580,000 FA: 88 sqm / LA: 156 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 2,338,000 - 4,116,000 167 sqm - 297 sqm

Avida Settings Batangas - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
Reservation: Php 20,000
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 10% SPOT
90% balance payable up to 12 months
Bank Financing (HOUSE AND LOT)
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 10% SPOT 10% payable up to 12 months
80% balance payable up to 15 years
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 10% Spot
90% balance payable up to 36 months
Bank Financing (LOT ONLY)
Reservation: Php 20,000
Interest : 0%
Downpayment: 10% SPOT 10% payable up to 36 months
80% balance payable up to 15 years
Total Contract Price 4,656,000
Downpayment: 931,200
Less: Reservation Fee 20,000
Net Downpayment 911,200
Monthly amortization (12 months) 75,933
80% Balance 3,724,800

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